Saturday, May 13, 2006

Geoffrey Morell - Naturopath

My first post to a blog - ever...
I had a session with Geoffrey Morell recently for my chronic illness. He had me lay on a table and moved his hands in the air over my body to clear the energy. As he reached more personal parts he - got stuck. He hung over my vaginal area for a long, long time. When he got to my breasts he kept saying "lovely, lovely" as he stayed there and I wondered if this was okay. Then I wondered at what point to stop him. Then it was so long that I knew this was about his getting his jollies. I left his apartment with my hands folded over my chest, feeling invaded, disgusted, and angry.
For the next several months I wondered if I was the only person he'd done this to. I know that invasive types do this plenty and they know how to pick the line they can go up to and get away with it. Geoffrey is on the board of the Weston A. Price Foundation which is where I'd learned of him. During an event with a lot of Weston Price people attending, I asked several other women what their experiences had been. Turns out that out of seven women, four had been to him, three had the same type of experience as me (for one it was her mom, not her who had seen him), and one had no problem with him. The mom and the one with no problem had both previously been incest victims in childhood. I couldn't get the image out of my mine that the one described of her mom coming down the stairs out of his apartment - with her hands crossed tightly across her chest, and a look she described as both distressed and angry. He had touched no one, but had been invasive with several of us.
By word of mouth, I know one women that he's helped. Other than that, I don't know of anyone who's benefited from his "healing". I certainly wouldn't go to him again or recommend him. Please if you do go, take a guy with you and have him stay in the room at all times. I talked with the police and because it's a he-says, she-says with no physical injury, there is no action they would take (unless I wanted to get involved in pressing charges, which I don't).
It feels good to say this out loud! ( writing, so so to speak...) No one looking for healing should have to face this, with no warning. He's been doing his healer work for years, yet word hasn't gotten around. I wonder if just the handful of us were the only ones who had a problem?
Another curiosity of the experience is that he only refers to himself in the third person as Geoffry. Such as, "Geoffry is going up stairs now. Geoffry will begin his work now."


  • eeeew I am sorry you had to deal wiht that, its certainly creepy and awful. Your blog is great! Keep writing, as it helps I think. You shoudl share this blog with people at websites where they may come across this man! ttyl!

    By Blogger raynardm, at May 19, 2006 11:27 AM  

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